June 2016

Aquafit exercise

Get refresh and healthy this summer with Aquafit exercise

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While there are a million ways to keep our body in a perfect condition, Aquafit exercise is the newest type of physical activity that involves aerobics and muscle conditioning. Designed specifically to be performed in the water, this low-impact but effective water activity takes the exercise to a new level ...

summer drink

Beat the heat with a perfect healthy summer drink

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Hot days only mean one thing, cold drinks! During summer, it is almost a necessity to cool our body from the inside out, and that means tons of cold glasses of water! Ice water, obviously, the first summer drink that pops up in our head that keep our body, skin ...

Watersport Photo Sharing Competition

Most Enjoyable Watersport Photo Sharing Competition

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Water sport is a staple activity for those who vacation to island getaways and it’s a great way to stay healthy and fit! Water sports take place in picturesque surroundings, where you are at one with nature, calming the mind, and relieving stress. Share with us your most enjoyable watersport moment. ...