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Introducing Our New Menu!


by The Leaf Jimbaran Blog

It’s been a summer in Bali, so it’s time to celebrate the warmer weather here at The Leaf Jimbaran! Our chefs have hand crafted a new summer menu that is sure to impress – so without further ado we’d like to introduce you to our favorite new dishes Let’s have amazing lunch menu at Sattvic, specially prepared by chef Wahyu.

Sattvic Restaurant, serves a healthy Asian Fusion menu, using fresh and nutritious ingredients. Time to introduce you to our new mains! Firstly, a Balinese favorite, Gerang Asem dish required a chopped chicken as its main ingredient. Meanwhile other ingredients are onion and white, green cayenne, bay leaf, lemongrass, lime, green tomatoes, and ginger. All materials are thinly sliced.


If you’d prefer something a bit more substantial, then why not try our spicy garlic shrimp. Spicy garlic shrimp is great accompanied with steamed rice, sambal matah and a quick spinach stir fry. Let’s try our new menu at Sattvic Restaurant.


We’re keeping the favorites, while adding new dishes and fresh flavors to our brand spanking new menu.

Balinese ikan bakar (grilled fish) is the charred sweet and spicy fish. It includes the sambal matah (spice mix) for this dish packs a serious punch because it’s got a lot of raw chilli in it, if you prefer something a little sweeter, try serving this with sambal tomat and also rice. Let’s try our new menu at Sattvic Restaurant


Fourth, let’s try our new menu, pineapple chicken salad. Tender chicken, sweet pineapple, spicy chipolata peppers, and a creamy, tangy sauce make this Pineapple Chicken Salad truly flavorful and healthy. 


Ayam Betutu is traditional Balinese food you must try. is a whole chicken steamed and grilled with a lot of spices and herbs.What made this chicken special is that the way it cooked. It takes at least 2 hours to cook Ayam Betutu, the first process to cook the chicken is to steam it with a lot of herbs and spices for about one hour, then it is roasted over a fire using coconut husks for another hour that make the chicken became juicy and soft.

Let’s try our new menu at Sattvic Restaurant


Come down, try it and give us your feedback…we would love to hear what you think!