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by The Leaf Jimbaran Blog

Afternoon tea gets exciting and irresistible with some fun snacks on the menu. Looking for something to treat your sweet tooth? Something which is sweet, yet comes with a tang of other flavours. What’s cooking today is the very famous “Yorkshire Curd Tart”. This British baked cheesecake is an absolute delight. Curd cheese sweetened with castor sugar, blended with raisins, all ground spice of clove-cinnamon powder, lemon zest and a tinge of rose water is a blast of flavours in the mouth. You could easily pop in 2-3 tarts owing to the amazing taste and perfection with which it is prepared.

This delightful teatime treat is a warm and delicious pudding which goes very well with tea and sandwiches. You could go for a gluten free and free range egg sandwich, Open face wasabi micro sandwich, or no flavour fish tempura sandwich with buttered brown bread and a layer of mayonnaise and some mustard if you prefer. You could also choose form an array of homemade sweets and breads, like No Sugar Almond cookies, Grilled Banana Sandwich, Berry and Avocado matcha mousse, Carrot Muffin, Sun flower bread, or the yummy mini blackolive baquette. But it is suggested to always try out the item on “What’s Cooking Today” menu as it is the chef’s choice and made with extra care and flawlessness to offer you one hit goody everyday with your tea.

You can always pair your sweet and savoury cravings with a cup of piping, hot, aromatic tea. The range of teas on offer can vary from half a dozen to over a hundred, including some very rare and obscure ones. Some of the common teas on offer are Royal Darjeeling Tea, Uva Higlands Tea, Pai Mu Tan Tea, the typical smoky earl grey tea with its sweet and fragrant citrus fruits in the black tea, and all with a very distinctive taste and aroma. To find out the best grouping of your snacks and tea do refer to the tea pairing attachment because when combined rightly, your afternoon tea experience will be satisfying and fulfilling.