Balance Your Mind

Our healing program is offer to learn how to quiet your mind, relax and embrace silence and take your yoga routine to higher level. By focusing on the chakras (or centers of consciousness) within your body, your energy level instantly build, as your sensory journey begins. With gentle stretching, focused breathing and meditation, Mr. Ketut Sugiarta will take you on a journey through your personal chakras resulting in a mind and body that are more fluid and at ease.

Enjoy our premium wellness programs:

Balinese Blessing

Balinese blessing is created by a holy priest and holistic master from Bali. Sugiarta, the guru is from a holy priest family. When a person has problems with health, limited energy and needs peace in their live, balinese blessing will provide purification for the body and mental spirit. Starting with techniques of concentration, controlling of breathing, and basic meditation to connect the light and absorb the universal energy for love and happiness, the blessing continues with clearing body and spirit of negative aura with a energy prana/ reiki treatment. Consultation-Hatha Yoga-Meditation-Initiation/ Opening Cakra-Pure Holy Water-Sarong for Balinese Blessing. IDR 800,000++ per person

Yoga – A Harmony and Balance

Yoga meaning union harmonies the mind body and soul through exercise and breathing. Yoga whether it is passive form (such as Hatha and spiritual yoga) or dynamic form (such as vinyasa or power yoga) has the ability to tone and improve flexibility. The various yoga postures as known as asana. Our instructor will be able to advise you on different moves and technique to easy practice at home after back from Bali. Consultation-Private or Group Yoga. IDR 250,000++ per person (minimum 2 participant)

 Yoga for Insomnia 

A good quality sleep is the secret for healthy life. Nowadays, most people are affected by the “insomnia” syndrome that can cause people to have very low energy, hard to focus and moody. The Leaf Jimbaran offer a solution if you are having this problem. Salamba Sirsasana, Padangusthasana, Savasana are some techniques  to reduce this syndrome.Our Guru, Bapak Ketut Sugiartha will be able to train you how to treat “insomnia”. Spend only IDR 250,000++ per person with minimum 2 participant for a private treat

Chakra – Healing Meditation

In Hinduism, the concept of chakras is part of a complex of ideas related to esoteric anatomy. These ideas occur most often in the class of texts that are called Agamas or Tantras. The chakras are described in the tantric texts the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, and the Padaka-Pancaka, in which they are described as emanations of consciousness from Brahman, an energy emanating from the spiritual which gradually turns concrete, creating these distinct levels of chakras, and which eventually finds its rest in the Muladhara chakra. Consultation-Meditation-Initiation. IDR 250,000++ per person (minimum 2 participant)

Inner Power

Prana or energy, this a Balinese Reiki. This treatment is creates combines inner power, reiki, prana and Balinese holistic healing which helps reduce stress and promotes healing, allowing everyone to tap into and limited supply of life force energy. It will feel like wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around the body. The treatment treats the body, mind and spirit allowing many beneficial effects including a sense of peace, security and wellbeing. Consultation-Initiation-Treatment. IDR 350,000++ per person (minimum 2 participant).