Sweet Dreams Program

A good sleep and sound rest means a good day ahead!

As much as it’s important to release all our energy during the day through our activities, it’s just as important to ensure we get to maximize the amount and quality of rest to recharge ourselves.

We will make sure that you sleep well every single night with our creation called “Sweet Dreams” offering 8+ different choices of pillows for your best sleeping experience.

You can apply best sleeping practices from the booklet on sleeping tips and turn down services that promote a good slumber such as fully black out curtains and turn down service to create the ideal atmosphere. Our slumber experts will provide assistance in monitoring your slumber process and progress. We recommend guests to download android or iOS apps called SleepBot, all to ensure the best quality sleep and rest your body, mind and soul can possibly have.

From restful bedroom layout, exercises before bedtime to best wardrobes for a healthy slumber, we take care of you.