About Us


NIRMALA GROUP (PT. KARYA NIRMALA UTAMA) is one of the companies that has rapidly developed in Bali region. The founders are Balinese born, Mr I Made Sujana and Mrs Ni Nyoman Sudiasih. They have grown the family company in the spirit of togetherness, good relations among division, and focused at giving back to local community. All these foundations are applied while building the brand with plans to expand to other regions in Indonesia as well.

In 1996, Nirmala Group was established under the legal entity CV. KARYA NIRMALA, growing mainly in the contractor sector with the first office based in their private home in Jimbaran.

In August 1997, following the success in the contractor sector, Nirmala Group developed its first building material hardware store. This was to support supplies of building material for the ongoing property development business.

In 2001, with the company slowly but steadily growing, Nirmala Group again expanded their company roots and launched their first minimarket in Uluwatu, Jimbaran.

In December 2002, with visions of the future trend in hospitality and receiving positive market feedback, the owner decided to upgrade the minimarket into a supermarket and concurrently launching their first budget hotel. This hospitality business enterprise was officially inaugurated by Bupati Badung (A.A OKA RATMADI).

With all of its current expansion, the family business-based CV. KARYA NIRMALA was no longer adequate to accommodate the rapid development, so it turned itself into a professional corporate while setting itself as one of the major hospitality players in the market under the entity PT. KARYA NIRMALA UTAMA. From here on, their business flourished rapidly in Bali region, with goals set for nation wide expansion as well. PT. KARYA NIRMALA UTAMA has several company subsidiaries:

  1. Contractor, Developer & Land Development
  2. Building Material
  3. Heavy Equipment
  4. Wood Processing
  5. Hotel (2 budget hotels)
  6. Supermarket (9 outlets)
  7. Water park
  8. Coffee story restaurant, café and bakery
  9. Cooperative

As a constantly developing enterprise, Nirmala Group forecasts for the next five year to develop a resort and housing complex, three hardware supermarkets, two Villa units, three Supermarket and five Coffee story café and bakery branches.


In 2015, PT Karya Nirmala Utama launched their first luxury collection THE LEAF JIMBARAN –Luxurious Villa Retreat. Lift your senses in style. Our objective was to create a unique and different experience for the guest and turning it in to a revenue generating instrument. At the Leaf Jimbaran, each guest receives personal care and an exceptional quality vacation experience. With stylish design and finishing touches, the healthy lifestyle objective is given a boost with a myriad of options – eat, sleep and rejuvenation activities to improve health away from home. This villa will set the tone for the future direction of the company and is the showcase for other upcoming properties in the near future.

The Leaf Jimbaran adheres to Tri Hita Karana which is the Balinese philosophy relating to three sources of harmony and balanced relations. That is, between humanity and God Almighty, between humans, and between humans and the environment. This is manifested through technology application, with state of the art air conditioning and water treatment system to reduce effects on the environment and protect the ozone.


The Leaf logo depicts hope, renewal, and revival. Leafs are a symbol of fertility and growth, and represents all the beings in the universe. Cocooned inside the leaf is the posture of hospitality care with bowing face and hugging arm, symbolizing the service we offer. Turquoise and silver as main colours presents a friendly and happy color that enjoys life, it controls and heals the emotions creating balance and stability. While silver shows cleansing and releasing of mental, physical and emotional issues and blockages as it opens new doors and lights the way to the future. These colours represent our service philosophy and trademark.


We believe that for every successful business, earning should be followed by giving back. The NIrmala corporate company has a department assigned to manage their Corporate Social Responsibility by conducting annual programs for aiding local community especially in Jimbaran area.

The Nirmala Group owner is very passionate about sports, all his kids are trained to be swimming athletes. He set up the Nirmala Club, which offers swimming training and has annual competition at regional level. The Nirmala swimming group provides scholarship for less fortunate school students for swimming lessons, and if the students passes the annual competition, he/she is eligible to enter swimming competitions at national level, fully funded by Nirmala Group. This aims to create professional swimming athletes that can represent Bali and eventually Indonesia.

Each December, Nirmala Group holds a gathering for less fortunate families and elder citizens and give out donations of donate dried food, rice and clothing.

Nirmala Group volunteers to share the joy to more people and to their clients who hold an event at a Nirmala Hotel during any weekend. This latest CSR program will donate three percent (3%) of its weekend event profit to local schools. The funds will be used to purchase school table, chairs, book and uniform.