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Creating the Perfect Resort Menu

Celebrity Chef Daniel Green

by The Leaf Jimbaran Blog

Most resorts will operate where they try and use many ingredients as much as possible. This cuts down on waste but can often look very much the same in different outlets. For instance, a salad nicoise by the pool, maybe exactly the same as the coffee shop.

Chef Daniel Green’s healthy menu is designed to be more unique and have the best variety as possible. Unlike traditional basic ingredients found in every hotel kitchen, Chef Daniel Green decides to be very tough on the Leaf kitchen. No cream, No butter, No cheese, No deep fry. At the same time, he also implemented his PALEO concept. So carbs and wheat are limited. This works so well for people to feel good as it eliminates processed foods and wheat. It’s gluten free and dairy free. It also works so well for the business travellers trying to fight jet lag and have energy for breakfast.

The menu exclusively designed for The Leaf will consists of Asian Blue Fin Tuna Tartar; Japanese influenced Miso Salmon and a tapas Asian style outdoor seating area that will have food like grilled squid and shrimp with curry dips and sun dried tomato tapenade. All made with fresh ingredients and an abundant use of herbs and spices to create flavour.

Every dish is kitchen-crafted, marked by presenting options like Paleo, high protein, low fat, energy, vegetarian to assist guests to decide on choices and yet, able to stay on track while on vacation.

Published by Astra Worldwide Ltd, Hong Kong, brand agent for Celebrity Chef Daniel Green, The Model Cook.