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Revealing the beauty of The Leaf Jimbaran Bay Resort

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by The Leaf Jimbaran Blog

Renowned for its seemingly endless stretch of golden beaches, the picturesque views of the sunset, and countless of delightful open-air seafood restaurants, Jimbaran Bay area has constantly been one of the crown jewels of the tourists and has always been one of the must visit sites for anyone who visits Bali.

Worthy of note activities already begin at dawn in Jimbaran bay, where during this time visitors can witness how the beachfront seafood restaurant owners in Jimbaran bay purchases last night’s catch from the local fishermen aboard the traditional colorful jukung fishing boats. This local’s daily routine has become a cannot-be-missed object for photography aficionado.

Various beaches in Jimbaran Bay area are also able to accommodate the different interests of different visitors. Jimbaran beach is famous for the long stretch of its white sand that is complimented with the constant gentle waves, perfect for a typical family outing. On contraire, beaches such as Padang-padang, Balangan, and Bingin boast massive surf breaks, and known internationally among top-ten surfing beaches in the world. For those who wish to do a session on soul-searching and seek for a complete solitude, the Bukit beach on the other side of Jimbaran Bay area is simply the perfect setting.

One of the most important pilgrimage sites in Bali is also located in this area. The sacred Luhur Uluwatu Temple, distinctively devoted as the home to the powerful guardian spirit of the sea, nested ceremoniously on the tip of the peninsula overlooking Jimbaran Bay. This sacred temple, even though still actively used today by the Balinese, has captivated the heart of many tourists for decades due to the unique architectural and cultural features.

Based on those facts alone, it is almost appear that a single day trip to this area is really not enough. Hence, it is without wonderment that Jimbaran bay area has now become one of the main hubs for tourist accommodations. The majority of the accommodations of this area are located towards the center of the bay, with the luxurious The Leaf Jimbarutan nestled in the midst of it. We invite you to experience The Leaf Jimbaran.

The Leaf at Jimbaran Resort is a new luxurious resort in the heart of Jimbaran bay area that boasts the concept of healthy holiday concept. The facilities in the resort are meticulously designed to be able to provide a rounded healthy holiday experience for the guests. Starting from the healthy cocktail selection at the resort’s Cilantro Bar, healthy tailor-made mini bar in your room, the availability of in-house health consultant, state-of-the-art spa and wellness facilities with European beauty products, and Balinese techniques, up until the choices of healthy pillow menu of your choosing, simply made available to ensure the maximization of your good night sleep.

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Creating a healthy vacation itself will not be completed if it’s not complimented with equally good meals. The dining menu of Sattvic Restaurant at The Leaf Jimbaran Resort is not only appetizing, but also carries the philosophy of the healthy vacation thru the concept of healthy dining. Created exclusively by Celebrity Chef Daniel Green, an advocate of healthy eating himself, the menu at Sattvic Fine Dining Restaurant features contemporary east-meets-west fusion menu. What makes this restaurant unique from the other restaurants is the majority of the produce and herbs used in the menu came from the organic garden in the compound of the resort.

Now, if you are a type of vacationer who likes to do things a bit differently, and wish to do a bit of fun learning during your vacation, cooking classes are also available at the resort. You can choose fresh seafood from Jimbaran seafood market, pick the fresh produce and herbs at the resort’s organic garden, cook your meal with local Balinese style, and enjoy your meal.

Feels like swimming in private? All of the villas in this resort feature their own spacious pools and sundecks. A fully equipped private kitchen and a dining area are also available at all villas. Interestingly, even though the villa facilities feature almost everything in private, the facilities themselves are designed to follow the principle of eco-friendly. Features such as environmentally friendly AC, comprehensive system of water treatment and water recycling, and even gardens on the roofs are made available to ensure that the resort is really in comply to the healthy vacation principle.

In-house activities is also an integral component of a vacation that being taken sincerely in this resort. As a family friendly property, this resort features a wide variety of activities and facilities to cater for the needs of the young ones. In addition to the availability of Kids Club with continuous daily activities, there are other kids-friendly facilities such as large swimming pool with various water toys, rainy day program with kids’ activities, and even an on-site baby sitter.

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The adults on the other hand can indulge themselves in fun activities that represent the local Balinese culture. Part of the advantages of staying in a locally owned and managed resort is, the in-house activities are arranged to be in-touched to the local Balinese culture. Guests can enjoy various thematic activities such as learning how to make authentic Balinese offering, which you can bring to the Uluwatu temple and offer them. Another out of the ordinary thematic activity that you can participate is a Soul blessing activity that is conducted by a local priest and holistic Guru. Soul blessing activity can be used to purify the body and the mental spirit thru several actions such as meditation, controlling the breath, and focused concentration. This unique activity is conducted directly by the Guru in the premises of the resort.

The resort also provides a complete supporting facility for an outing to the nearby beaches. Staying at a resort that is strategically located in the middle of an area full with beautiful beaches, means that you surely cannot miss to make a plan for a day of beach outing. The Leaf Jimbaran Resort provides towel, sun block, sun-bed, and beach umbrellas to ensure you have a good time relaxing under the sun. Shuttle transportation to take the guests to Jimbaran Bay beach also available 5 times a day at 9:00, 11:00, 15:00, 16:00, and 18:00. The staffs at the resort also able to assist you to arrange the activity of releasing sky lantern during sunset at Jimbaran Bay beach.

A vacation should always be an unforgettable moment that leaves a positive impression and wonderful memories for the rest of your life. This philosophy is what has been imprinted to the heart of this resort. The Leaf at Jimbaran Resort doest not want to only boasts the facilities and the infrastructure of the property. On the other hand, this resort immensely features the belief on the concept of healthy vacation means a wonderful vacation. This way of thinking is what the people who run this resort, have showed, and ultimately this what makes The Leaf at Jimbaran Resort wonderfully unique.